It is the creator and destroyer deity. Typically referred to as “He” in the patriarchal society that dominates Galavan Zetil is genderless, usually emotionless, and almost always humorless. It appears to its petitioners in disguise, favoring trickery and deception over more obvious methods of manipulating its followers. Zetil is true neutral, favoring whatever morality is most needed to keep the balance between good and evil as level as possible.

Worship of Zetil is mandatory for all inhabitants of The Grand Citadel, inhabitants of the Provinces are free to choose what/whom they worship but even that is usually a moot point. Worship of an Aspect is to honor the Wisdom that Aspect originated from, and all Wisdoms originated from Zetil.

Before humanity or the concept of time, even before life itself there was a being of immense power and capability. That being created the world from its’ flesh, fueled the fledgling planet with its’ blood, cooled the planet with its’ sweat, and gave the planet life with its’ breath. That being was Zetil, and now that Zetil had a home it found it was very lonely. To resolve this Zetil split itself in to several “concepts” known as Wisdoms.

The Wisdoms were the voice and hand of Zetil, creating the plants, animals, and balancing nature so that everything existed in harmony. Unfortunately such a perfect state would not last. A side effect of splitting itself in to different “concepts” was that Zetil did not have absolute authority and control anymore, and the Wisdoms developed free will accordingly. Several chose to enforce their own version of perfected reality on Galavan and abandoned their duties to Zetil, leading them to be stripped of much of their power and being outcast.

The Aspects are these fallen Wisdoms, those who chose to abandon Zetil and its cosmic balancing act in favor of a more “black and white” approach to morality.

Recently the High Priests of Zetil have uncovered an ancient prophecy in the vaults beneath The Grand Citadel. It reads: “When Hope’s last light fades the word shall be known, Darkness will return to Darkness and the three will become one, only then can the Other be banished from whence it came and with it’s loss the light of the people shall perish.” Followers of Zetil believe that this prophecy details the end of the world, and may be linked to the Aspect of Sorrow.

Known Wisdoms:

Known Aspects:

Slain members of the Pantheon (dead but theoretically can still grant power):

Members of the Pantheon with an “unknown status”:

Zetil is a truly neutral deity, caring only for the continued existence of it’s creations. Followers of Zetil must have a balanced outlook on life and death, as well as morality. Extremists need not apply.


  • None


  • Clerics of Zetil may choose from the Healing, Creation*, and War domains. His favored weapon is the longsword. *If the Cleric chooses the Creation domain, the 9th level domain spell is not the one listed but is instead the “Genesis” ability from the Expanded Psionics Handbook.


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