Talus: Demigod, Lich, follower of The Crooked Path and Ur Priest, head of the Temple of the Divine Light

Initiated and won a war against Myrenthui and Victoria Dargonaught that ultimately resulted in the near annihilation of all life (death by meteor) on Galavan and completely changed the planets landscape. Talus was trapped under the meteor for over two thousand years and was able to enact his escape plan successfully in the year 6933. With the destruction of the Arcadian Meteor Talus was free to resume his war against Farris from his new home, The Needle of Light, from within The Shadow.

It is presumed that Talus rules The Shadow with the assistance of Zane.

UPDATE: Slain at the hands of our brave adventurers, Talus has ascended to godhood as a lesser deity.

For those of you who might be interested, this is what his stats looked like for the end fight. In all stages Talus is immune to Turning/Rebuking Effects.

Stage 1: Undead Master
HP: 1000
Initiative: +20
AC: 35
DR: 25/-
Saves: Fort +20, Ref +20, Will +20
Undead Traits/Immunities

  • Paralyzing Touch: (+25 attack bonus, no damage, DC 35 Will save or be Paralyzed permanently).
  • Undead Legions: Raises all of the undead in the lab (approximately 200HD worth of mindless undead)
  • Aura of Fear: Everyone entering with 60’ of Talus must succeed on a DC 35 Will save or be panicked for 1d10 rds.

Stage 2: Arch Mage
HP: 1000
AC: 25
Spell Resistance: 35
Saves: Fort +25, Ref +25, Will +25
Undead Traits/Immunities
Fast Healing: 50
SPECIAL DEFENSE: First 200 points of damage are ignored due to Crinoan Shield Relic.

  • Lightning Storm: All enemy targets in the lab must succeed on a DC 45 Reflex Save or take 20d6 points of electricity damage. This spell does not require line of effect or line of sight.
  • Fire Storm: Same as Lightning Storm but it deals fire damage.
  • Quickened Power Word Kill: As the spell, cast by a 20th level wizard, DC 45 Fort save. (1/day)
  • Disintegrate: as cast by a 20th level wizard.
  • Enervate: as cast by a 20th level wizard.
  • Mordenkainen’s Disjunction: as the spell cast by a 20th level wizard

Stage 3: God Seed / Ur Priest
HP: 1000
AC: 40
SPECIAL: God Seed Aura (immune to all spells and damage + Fast Healing 100 while the God Seed Aura is active, The God seed Aura can be dispelled for 1 round by striking Talus in melee combat with either “Blade of the War” or “Elemental Fury”. AC and saves are all reduced to “0” while the aura is down. The aura resumes automatically every round on Talus’s initiative, pushing everyone adjacent to Talus back 5’.)

  • Divine Nullification: All Divine Spellcasters must succeed on a dc 45 will save or lose all of the highest level spell slots that remain.
  • Empowered/Maximized Enervate (Talus Version): Target must succeed on a dc 45 fort save or lose 12 levels. (1/day)
  • Enervate: as the spell cast by a 20 level wizard
  • Negative Energy Blast: all targets within 20’ must succeed on a dc 45 fort save or lose 1d4 levels and take 4d10 damage.
  • Mordenkainen’s Disjunction: as stage 2.
  • When Stage 3 ends the Walls of Force that make up the entire structure of the lab collapse, caving the lab in and killing anyone left, no save.


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