Not much is known about Ando’Var, as all records that they kept were destroyed in the war against the undead that eventually claimed the entire country. Ando’Var Keep was the last known location of one of the Orbs of Alarmon, and thus many historians find it very strange that the keep was taken by the undead by force.

Ando’Var Island was claimed and renamed to Blackwater Isle by the vampire Urgaz, leader of the remnants of the forces that escaped the purge of Deadwind by Lady Victoria.

Current Rulers: None

Capital City: Heir’Ordwin, location of Ando’Var Keep

Population: None, is estimated to have had over one million civilians before the coming of Atropos.

Crest: A blue orb with yellow lightning, on a white background.

Military: None, Ando’Var was well known for it’s navy before the coming of Atropos.


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