Ligeia Lasteroff

Yuan-Ti Pureblood Rogue


Ligeia was purchased as an egg by her father, Renaldo Lasteroff, from lizardfolk traders in southern Organith. While their cart of wares contained nothing of interest for the wizard, the large eggs the lizards were eating caught his eye. He knew little of eggs, but the possibility of raising a magical beast was reason enough to give the smirking merchants a small fortune, even though he doubted their claim of the egg’s draconic origin. When a yuan-ti pureblood hatched, Renaldo saw a chance to raise a being capable of wielding great power.

As her father’s projects often kept him occupied, young Ligeia spent much of her time reading, often aloud to her “brother”, the fire elemental named Snowball. At Renaldo’s insistence, she habitually covered herself to conceal her scales and informed those who questioned her orange eyes with slitted pupils that she was a dragon-blooded half-elf. Caution, he stressed, was a necessity for those of her kind; yuant-ti society had earned the animosity of many for the enslavement and sacrifices of their enemies to their fallen deity, Ahz-Radamant.

Still, Renaldo wanted her to benefit from her race’s heritage and spent considerable time with her, using his spells to help her in learning her similar abilities. Lacking instruction on how to transform into a serpent, Ligeia had several early misfortunes in which she changed but could not readily turn back, and thus she learned how to eat as snakes do.

Ligeia had mastered her abilities by the time her family moved to Fort Crimson. By now, she had grown tired of studying and was eager to use her talents. While Renaldo used his magic to aid the fort in their endeavors, Ligeia joined Crimson’s army in travelling to the nearby mountains. Ogres, rallied together by the Llilian the Redeemer, had swarmed the great mountain cities of the half-giants and enslaved the psionic residents. The rescue missions successfully intercepted the transport of many half-giants, who took up residence at Fort Crimson and shared stories of their once great civilization and lost cities.

Ligeia had long heard rumors of the yuan-ti deserters who lived secretly in exile, fearing retribution from their own kind or persecution by others. She herself yearned for a place where she could truly belong, without need of disguises, and from this grew the dream of founding a new city. She longed to create a safe haven for others like herself- a home to fill the emptiness of separation, alienation, and loss. That growing desire led her to travel to Farris and join their army. Such service would amass the wealth needed to fund her city, and Ligeia knew she would need the experience to become strong enough to led and protect it.

Ligeia Lasteroff

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