War of the Magi

Long ago in the year 4457, in a time that marked the end of the Age of the Magi there was fought a war of such scale and brutality that by the end of the war the gods themselves had intervened, much of civilization had been utterly destroyed, and all beings lived in a dark age of fear and misery.

The War of the Magi was a conflict involving multiple factions that spanned the world.

Good Aligned Factions

Neutral Aligned Factions

Evil Aligned Factions

The Magi fought the Ur Priests, the Wisdoms fought the Aspects and Ur Priests, the Heroes fought the Empire of Farris and the Yuan-ti, and the Lord and Lady of the Grand Citadel fought Talus.

The end of the first stage of the war (in the year 4590) was marked by a treaty between Talus and the Lord and Lady, who were in turn banished to the moon for their poor choice of allies. With the Empire of Farris withdrawn from the war the Heroes turned against the Magi (due to some crafty lies by the Ur Priests) and the Magi were systematically exterminated. Several of the Aspects were killed off in the Magi’s final stand, the battle for Queensridge (thanks to Llilian and the Ur Priests) in the year 5012.

Talus ultimately killed off the remaining “heroes” himself and began hunting for High Exarch Raina and The Inventor. Before they could be slain Zetil stepped in to the fray, crashing a massive meteor (the Arcadian Meteor) directly into the top of the undersea base that Talus was operating from and trapped him there in the year 5364. The High Exarchs went missing and the few tattered remnants of civilization devolved into primitive shells of their former glory in the wake of the destruction that the meteor caused. The only parts of society that were left were the Empire of Farris (which was leaderless and in the far north now) and the continent of Crinoa (which was missing).

War of the Magi

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