The Shadow

The Shadow is the broken and ravaged “after image” of Galavan, created in a process related to Arcane Resonance when the Arcadian Meteor struck and damaged the planet.

The Shadow is a primal and feral land, full of huge forests and swamps and bathed in the eternal gloom of the twin stars “Ahn-Kerr” and “Sen-Giel”. Beasts seem to be bigger and fiercer, and distances greater, although whether that effect is an actual distance distortion or merely a perceived distortion of distance due to the gloomy nature of the plane is currently unknown.

In general, for every new life born on Galavan a corresponding life is born in The Shadow. The inverse of this is not true however, for dying on Galavan or in The Shadow has no bearing on a creatures alternate self (exceptions occur typically only when the Shadow and the non Shadow selves are within close geographic proximity to one another at the time of death).

One of the primary differences between The Shadow and Galavan lies in the parts of the world that were only tentatively tethered to Galavan to begin with, namely Crinoa. Crinoa now resides completely in The Shadow since the last Astral Anchor was severed in the year 6957. Other geographic differences are present as well. Old Arcadia is still intact in The Shadow, and it’s rumored that The Key Complex is intact as well. If that’s true than a wealth of information could be found in various ruins across The Shadow and might warrant further investigation.

The Shadow

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