Suriea, Aspect of Goodwill, the Hopeful Wish

Suriea is known as “The Hopeful Wish” as all she wants for the denizens of Galavan is eternal peace and happiness. Suriea and Pergamontis were very close, acting as sisters would and protecting each other for millenia. Suriea turned from Zetil when Pergamontis was stripped down to an Aspect for speaking out against Caralax. Since the day that Pergamontis went missing Suriea has spent the majority of her time searching Galavan for her friends body.

Followers of Suriea are a selfless lot that can (and frequently do) give everything to help those in need. Unfortunately this behavior has lead to nearly no accumulation of wealth or property for the followers of Suriea and as such they have no official temples or shrines in populated areas. Temporary shrines pop up frequently, to be given away brick by brick until nothing is left standing.


  • Followers of Suriea MUST help those that ask for their help without asking for recompense.
  • Followers of Suriea MUST adhere to a strict 25% Tithe on their monthly earnings, and are expected to frequently donate more.


  • All followers of Suriea get a +2 Divine bonus to all of their saves and skill checks.
  • Clerics of Suriea may choose from the Good, Creation, and Healing Domains, and their favored weapon is the Staff.


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