Sintos, the Windfall, Wisdom of Luck

Sintos controls the realm of luck and the manipulation of fate along with Ahz-Malanar. Specifically Sintos controls luck and how it favors the bold. Sintos and Ahz-Malanar travel together, which is the main reason why they were able to escape the Ur Priests wrath during the War of the Magi.

Generally they may both be found in the The Scaled Heights, bastion of the Unbound Empire.

Followers of Sintos are an enigmatic lot, thoughtful yet spontaneous, arrogant yet humble, swinging from one extreme to the other. Like luck they are either good or bad, frequently both, but never neutral. One thing they do tend to have in common is their indifferent attitude to their luck or the luck of others, viewing it as self evident, obvious, and not worth mentioning.


  • Followers of Sintos may be of neutral alignment, but their individual actions may not. They feel very strongly and may frequently flip flop on important issues, overall maintaining a neutral alignment, as long as their actions hold conviction. “To Save or Destroy, but never just Watch.” is a frequent maxim among Sintos’ followers.
  • Curse of the Lucky Soul: -2 divine penalty on all attack, skill, and save rolls for the day. See below for the full description.


  • Followers of Sintos are blessed with the Lucky Soul. Whenever the follower of Sintos is attempting something dangerous (can’t take 20 on the roll) they may invoke this blessing by making a Effective Character level check (ECL + 1d20) vs DC 20, a roll of 1 always fails. If they succeed, they get a +2 Divine bonus on that roll, if they fail, they suffer from the Curse of the Lucky Soul. See above for details.
  • Clerics of Sintos may choose from the Luck, Entropy, and Chaos domains, and their favored weapon is the Quarterstaff.


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