Proteus, The Clockwork God, Aspect of Progress

Proteus is a long venerated Aspect, whose beliefs and followers are common among the humans and gnomes of Galavan (especially common in Organith), as well as artificers and alchemists of all races. Progress comes first, as Proteus cares nothing for tradition or rigid political structures as they generally inhibit the people who are subjected to them. Proteus does however favor scientific approaches to problem solving and methodical analysis of situations, but not to the point where inactivity becomes the course of action.

Followers of Proteus are “idea people” who hold formality and custom in low regard. They are quick to think, quicker to act, and don’t bother with the consequences.


  • Followers of Proteus get a -2 to will saves as they are easily swayed by anything that seems like a good idea.


  • “Use Magic Device” is considered a class skill.
  • Costs (gold and XP) associated with creating items of any sort (weapons, armor, alchemical, golems, etc… are reduced by 10%).
  • Clerics of Proteus may choose from the Knowledge, Creation, and Craft Domains, and his favored weapon is the Repeating Crossbow.


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