Othanops, the Aspect of Light, Titan of the Clouded Sky

Othanops turned from the teachings of Zetil because he felt that the laws of the Pantheon were enforced too literally, and that mortals were suffering as a result.

He makes his home on the Isle of Storms, in an alabaster tower that reaches to the clouds. He was slain by the Ur Priests, later to be revived by a Plaguestone in the year 6957.

Othanops values Temperance, Humility, and Kindness. He abhors violence, and his followers are forbidden from using lethal force. Healers of Othanops roam the lands, shedding light and banishing the forces of darkness from Galavan.


  • Lethal force of any kind in any fashion is strictly prohibited UNLESS it is used specifically against an Ur Priest or the unliving (Undead, Constructs).
  • Followers of Othanops are banned from casting spells with the “Shadow” descriptor.


  • All followers of Othanops may turn undead as if they were a cleric, treat their cleric level when determining turning results as equal to their Charisma bonus. If they are a cleric already than they receive a +2 divine bonus to their turning results instead.
  • Followers of Othanops cast healing spells at +1 caster level (this stacks if they choose the healing domain), and may choose from Healing, Light, and the Strength domain (if applicable). His favored weapon is attacking unarmed.


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