Organith, The Sand Coast

Current Rulers: King Teremon the Rage

Capital City: Port Loyalty

Population: Estimated at 75,000

Crest: A square, bisected diagonally with the top right half being blue and the bottom left half being white, with a large stylized drop of blood in the center.

Military: Several regiments of specially trained jungle fighters, a large standing army, a large navy, and the experimental airship equipped with the weapon known as the Holocaust Cannon. Much of the Organith Military is kept hidden away from outsiders.



Notable Locations

  • The Swamplurk
  • There are many old ruins scattered about the countryside

The History of Organith, A Timeline

Year 5876: Organith founded by the Barbarian Lord Kurgen Vost, Kurgenhome is made the capital of the fledgling country.

Year 5878: Organith declares all out war against the Yuan-ti of The Swamplurk, making allies with the native lizardfolk tribes in order to gain an edge.

Year 5879: King Vost orders the creation and training of the first “Hunter” regiment, handpicking the most vicious and bloodthirsty of his barbarians to become specially trained jungle killers. Under lizardfolk training the “Hunter” regiment becomes a deadly and efficient fighting force. Yuan-ti casualties rise and their raids on Kurgenhome cease. More regiments begin training. Port Loyalty is founded, giving Organith a strong port city to begin building a navy.

Year 5882: Southshore Village is founded.

Year 5883: Yuan-ti forces have been pushed back all the way north to The Swamplurk. They have the advantage there and King Vost’s forces are unable to take any of the three temples that serve as the hub of Yuan-ti civilization. Fort Ash is founded to protect Organith from the raiders of The Wilds to the east.

Year 5884: Lacking any kind of decisive victory the “Hunter” regiments are recalled to Kurgenhome, in preparation for a push for a western expansion. Waterway Harbor is established and equipped as a staging point for further expansion.

Year 5885: Loamvale Village is founded.

Year 5886: Organith attacks it’s lizardfolk allies to the west, quickly decimating several tribal outposts and overrunning any defenders. Meanwhile the naval forces push to the west as well, establishing a beachhead and founding Fort Firelight.

Year 5887: King Vost’s son William is killed in the Battle of the Falling Sands. Organith forces are victorious and celebrate their victory by torching the jungle, killing hundreds of lizardfolk civilians in the blaze. The remaining lizardfolk flee west along the coast.

Year 5888: The forces at Fort Firelight, having eradicated all lizardfolk in the area, push east to meet the “Hunter” regiments from Kurgenhome. Their push is successful, catching the remaining lizardfolk of the coast in between both forces. Lauren Vost (daughter of the King and next in line for the throne) leads the final charge. With their victory complete Lauren Vost sailed back to Kurgenhome to find the city in ruins and the streets full of the dead. King Vost had been partially eviscerated, and was found hung to death by his own entrails. Several dead Yuan-ti lay at his feet, the only sign of any kind of invasion to be found in the entire city. The civilians appeared to have died from some sort of plague, with the fire that destroyed Kurgenhome started as funeral pyres that appear to have spread. Lauren Vost is named Queen of Organith, establishing Port Loyalty as the new capital.

Year 5889: Kurgenday is established as a national holiday, to mark the Kings passing. Port Lauren, Port William, and Fort Frosch are founded.



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