old adventure log 1


Further in to the depths of the fallen titan’s stronghold our heroes went, to slay the monster that once was nearly a god. Emerging battered and bruised but victorious our friends traveled back to River Pass with the head of the Swamp King as proof of their deed.


After a nights rest and recuperation Nimreth has been resurrected and our friends have a new goal, to eradicate the undead menace that is located in the forest to the north west. The undead horde have taken over the Tomb of the Swamp King, and have been attacking River Pass on a near nightly basis. Priest Sevro, a follower of Proteus, has agreed to tutor Nimreth in the ways of Proteus (and restore his divine powers) if the horde is defeated and the head of the Swamp King is brought to him. Delving in to the ruins, our friends have encountered several devious traps and devices, none of which have been enough to stop their rampage through the tomb.


Kio and Lan approached the “Master” of the Manor, only to find that the master isn’t Lord Sorrowglen at all! Instead they found the much more powerful Lady Sorrowglen, who used her powers to reveal to the rest of the group that Lan and Kio were both being controlled by the monster in the depths. She recommended that they leave for River Pass as soon as they could, before anyone else fell prey to the monsters dark mind. Several days of travel later they found themselves at the gate of River Pass at sunset, being denied entrance on the basis of a huge impending attack from a horde of undead lead by none other than Killzor, the pawn of Talus. In a titanic battle that pitted Nimreth and Lan against Killzor, Ligeia and Virgil against the undead forces already in the city, and Scales single handedly holding off the assault on the north gate, Killzor was at last slain. This wasn’t without cost though, as many guards died that day and Nimreth was disintegrated in the fight against Killzor.


During the night as our ardent adventurers made camp while waiting for Pleistosen to return they were attacked by a group of the Chuuls, and in the ensuing chaos that followed the leader of the guards from Muddy Oaks was slain, his blood staining the clothes of the Lizardfolk Shaman as she stood above his corpse. Nimreth was missing as well. After confessing to the murder the Shaman was bound and taken back to her village the next morning, left to fend for herself. Making their way back across the water they were attacked again, and Ligeia was dragged under. A short while later the entire party was reunited again after several members were forced to request Valorens aid in escaping the nightmarish clutches of the sea monster. Apparently, several of our friends have had enough of the liars and doomsayers of Muddy Oaks, and when given the chance to slay them (and get paid to do it by the lord of Muddy Oaks, Lord Sorrowglen) two of them jumped at the chance. Lan and Nimreth took part in the slaughter, while Scales and Ligeia stood by and Kio prayed to Bourn. When our frinds returned to Sorrowglen Manor they found the guards missing. Kio was engaged in combat with a Chuul, which appeared to have slain the guards.


Venturing in to the waterway our friends managed to lure the beast of the depths back to the shore, there to make a stand and slay the monster. After a brutal and short combat the fiend had absconded off with Pleistosen, dragging him to the briny depths. Instead of drowning our friendly lizardfolk barbarian decided to call in some favor with Valoren, teleporting him back to the The Scaled Heights.


The fishermen are convinced that the real threat to the village stems from the Lizardfolk tribe who live across the water. Our friends rented a boat and investigated the Lizardfolk island, finding the Lizardfolk living in a well equipped and guarded fort. They lacked tails, feared the water, and had no boats, so it was decided that they are not responsible for any of the problems that the village has been having. The Lizardfolk leader, a female Shaman of her people, mentioned that they used to be slaves and that the human settlement frequently attacks them along with large voracious crustaceans from the water known as Chuuls. Something far more sinister lurks in the water as well.


High Inquisitor Aegis officially dispatched our friends to the land of Garant, on the coast of The Crimson Sea just south of the Forsaken Swamp. There they are to assist with driving back the corrupting influence of The Shadow. Upon arrival they found a ramshackle and rundown collection of mudbrick huts that could only be considered a village in the poorest of circumstances, suffering the apparent trepidations of a vampire. Upon further investigation, our friends uncovered two interesting facts. The first is that the people of the village are more stupid than most, and the second is that their Lord is a vampire named [[:Lord Sorrowglen]] who denied any involvement with the recent vampire related issues that the village has been having. Back in town our friends decided to try talking with the local fishermen to see if they could gather more clues.


Our group descended in to the Shattered Void today, in an attempt to find the majority of their patrons missing hoard. Fighting their way through the strange creatures our adventurers eventually located the hoard. They were attacked by a dual wielding elven ranger when they approached the mound of gold, whom proved no match for the prowess. The elf however wasn’t actually an elf at all, but an Avatar of Llilian the Redeemer who had taken a special interest in destroying Lan. Once it manifested Llilians deific powers the real fight began, and our adventurers barely managed to survive. It is still unknown as to why an Avatar of Llilian would have taken a personal interest in Lan.


Our friends departed from the tavern mid morning to find that The Scaled Heights was blanketed in hushed whispers and silence. Further up the remnants of the mountain at the top of the last switchback that was still intact a large contingent of Whitewraps, lead by a large and elderly human bearing the imposing Justicar styled full plate armor of a High Inquisitor of the Temple of the Divine Light who appeared to be having some sort of heated discussion with Ames. Our friends inserted themselves (somewhat ungracefully) in to the discussion, to find that the elderly man is known as High Inquisitor Aegis, a devout follower of Zetil who converted after the fall of Arcadia in 6937. Upon further discussion it was found that he and his Whitewraps were there for multiple reasons, partly as couriers of a decree from The Grand Citadel and partly as an answer to the encroaching darkness of The Shadow. It has been decreed that our heroes military status be reactivated and that they are to report with haste to the country of Garant, where the minions of The Shadow have been terrorizing the locals and subverting the country. It is the hope of the Lord and Lady of Farris that aiding the populace of Garant will result in the two countries becoming allies.


Our brave and fearless adventurers have accompanied the supply caravan safely to The Scaled Heights, finding it shattered and nearly destroyed. On the way they received a bit of protection from Telkaia, who spent her time keeping the caravan safe from barbarians and a Tempest Mage sent by Copper Council Knights Errant who had intended to bury the caravan in the snow. After two weeks of slow and bitterly cold travel the caravan arrived. Ames was glad for the help and explained to our companions what has become of his hoard.


Exiting from the tower with Nimreth in tow, our friends felt and heard a massive explosion far off in the distance, in the direction of The Scaled Heights. Attempting to push forward our adventurers kept heading west towards the forest. After a week of trudging through the snow with little progress made they decided to try using Pleistosens Crimson Blade Amulet. This transported them out of The Shadow and to the Monastery of the Falling Star. Proceeding west from there they resupplied at Fareal Outpost and arranged for a supply caravan to be sent to what is left of The Scaled Heights.


Upon activation of the final sigil the party was presented with a choice of paths to take by an apparition (of sorts) of The Inventor, the path of endurance, the path of agility, and the path of intelligence. Thinking the path of intelligence a safer bet that is the path our “fearless” friends chose and the “Memory” of the Inventor sent them on their merry way to “pay the price” of the path by talking with “the bird”. As it turns out the bird is a cursed toy that enthralled nearly the entire party. After a few moments of confusion our adventurous troupe recovered most of their wits and proceeded to the first test, a word game with a magical door. Lan talked the door in to opening and the second test began. Several tests and one comatose and bloodied wizard later the party found itself in a vault full of treasure.


Returning from The Scaled Heights with some equipment and supplies Lan joined the rest of the party in exploring the tower proper. Pleistosen escaped certain death with sheer brute force alone after our friends got caught in a series of unfortunate traps, breaking the main mechanical portion of the trap in the process. Venturing further in to the tower the party found a large stone construct similar to what was guarding Sumners Tower in Crinoa. After a fierce battle the construct was defeated and the missing sigil it was guarding was recovered.


Lan used up some of his favor to return to The Scaled Heights, getting the taint of corruption removed. Meanwhile, the rest of our group started working their way back towards The Scaled Heights by foot, finding a mysterious invisible tower in the middle of the grassland. While investigating the base of the tower Ligeia Lasteroff found a trapdoor the hard way, because of this our friends had the opportunity to really get to know (however briefly) a conjured swarm of Rust Spiders.


Again our heroes have left the safety of The Scaled Heights, this time heading west. Again our heroes have met with a brutal bashing, this time emerging victorious after a long and vicious fight with a cadaver golem followed by a brief but disruptive battle against two small taint elementals. Thanks to the vile attacks of the elementals Lan now knows the touch of corruption and its horrid effects on the living, a burden his soul may bear forever.


After much healing and deliberation our cheerful comrades have decided to try heading west to The Key Complex, taking the Plaguestone with them. Joining our comrades is Virgil, a Yuan-ti Half-Blood Favored Soul who specializes in healing.


Safely nestled in to The Scaled Heights with Ames, our group celebrated the new year by taking part in the festivities. Upon recovering the next morning our fearless friends noticed it was still dark outside and that the sun was nowhere to be found. Instead in it’s place they found the twin stars “Ahn-Kerr” and “Sen-Giel”. This confirmed that The Scaled Heights was now for some reason in The Shadow. At the cities main gate there was left a black box with a large black bow. Kio opened it and took out the large black gem that was inside, barely managing to escape the Plaguestones life draining effects. Attached was a note with a crude drawing of the city. The note simply stated that they shouldn’t attempt to destroy the Plaguestone. Deciding to follow the trail north our friends were immediately attacked by a Whitewrap Assasination Squad, where they ultimately failed to overcome their adversaries and fled back to the city (some in worse shape than others).


After a brief but vicious and bloody battle the Copper Council Knights Errant were weakened enough that their leader, the copper dragon Avrellos agreed to leave the monastery in peace. As he did so, two large figures appeared on the horizon walking towards the monastery. Lan approached them and spoke with them briefly, then returned to the monastery while they waited for Shar outside the gates. Nimreth concluded that they were a Whitewrap Assasination Squad, and the party contacted Ames to be summoned away before they were found.


While working out the details of their new arrangement with Ames the group was summoned back to the Monastery of the Falling Star by Shar. The Copper Council Knights Errant have invaded the monastery looking for Lan!


Our heroes have arrived at The Scaled Heights. Upon arrival they were instructed to speak with Valoren, the dragon lord of The Scaled Heights. It just so happens that our heroes know Valoren by another name, Ames. In return for the Nexus Sand that Kio needs the party headed out to find something called a “seed hoard” in The Scaled Heights, placed their by a rival of Ames. They found the seed hoard, slew the Pyrohydra that guarded it (but did not kill the wiry old wizard wearing a robe covered in leather spikes that they had encountered in the cavern shortly before their encounter with the Pyrohydra). Ames was happy with the new hoard and split it between himself and the rest of the group, as well as offering to make them his assistants in the great game of dragons. Several of our heroes agreed right away, several others wanted to think on it. Nimreth wasn’t given much of a choice as he was dead at the time, his resurrection depended on his acceptance of the offer.


Lan has chosen to join the ranks of Io’s Honor Guard, granting him diplomatic passage in The Scaled Isles. This prevents the copper council agents from evicting him from his home in return for the occasional bit of service to Io. Elsewhere in the city Skurilon has made his presence known, only to be tricked out of his quarry yet again. The party headed west towards The Scaled Heights.


Pleistosen chose to have the “Mark of Death” removed from everyone that had it as his prize for winning the tournament and besting Shar. The ritual was performed successfully, freeing them from the evil of The Crooked Path and it’s progenitor He-Who-Walks-The-Crooked-Path. Everyone traveled back to Fareal Outpost where Pleistosen found a gift from Bones and Lan was told of the cleansing of Michi Village, as ordered by agents in Draking.


The party journeys westward and Pleistosen becomes involved in a martial tournament being held at the Monastery of the Falling Star on the way back to Fareal Outpost. There he defeats Kilo the halfling monk, Rashael the half dragon/half ogre, and the venerable elder (and dust mummy) Shar. He accepts the title of “Crimson Blade”, obligating him to aid them should they require it.


A trio of ghouls attacked Nimreth and Telkaia! With the aid of a formidable Half Dragon named Lan Nimreth was able to hold off the attackers while something strange happened to Telkaia. In an intense flash of blue light the Shrine to Caralax cracked open, the stones covered in draconic runes, and the divine essence of Caralax was transferred from the Shrine to Telkaia. She tested her new powers on the ghouls that had attacked, raising them and binding them to her as servants.


Our companions arrived at the Shrine to Caralax just in time to interrupt the vile robed figure and whatever ritual he was going to perform on Telkaia. The Shrine was warded with a Symbol of Death, which managed to claim the lives of Nimreth and Pleistosen. A friendly healer who had been traveling nearby assisted in the battle and beheaded the ghoul as the party distracted it. The “friendly traveler” was far more than he seemed, and his help came at a terrible price. After he left a “Mark of Death” manifested on Nimreth, Pleistosen, and Ligeia Lasteroff. Telkaia wasn’t feeling very sociable after Kio told her what Nimreth did to Kirae-Aera, opting to stay at the Shrine overnight. Nimreth stayed at the Shrine to watch over her while the rest of the group camped a few miles away.


Arriving at the gate to Michi Village our fearless friends found a frightening situation. A plague had been spread there by a mysterious black cloaked figure who was reported to have a young elven maiden with him. Could this be Nimreths sister? After doing what they could to help the party ventured further east to Fareal Outpost, only to find that the black cloaked figure had been there already and had been denied entrance to the city. He and the elven maiden were last seen walking across the water to the islands.


Our heroes, having finally made their departure from Fort Crimson almost managed to make it two days without incident when they happened upon the town that Nimreth was born in, Kirae-Aera. Given that the residents fear and despise magic and that our heroes were flying overhead certain defensive measures were taken. A few rounds later both ballista towers and an entire squad of archers were decimated, taken out in a blaze of fire and magic. Left defenseless, the town was then struck by the airship prototype from Organith that the heroes failed to detect until it was too late. Our heroes managed to flee with their lives, the fate of Kirae-Aera unknown.


With Nimreth‘s assistance (and the parties indifferent “blessing”) Kio used a binding circle to summon and speak with Brachina, his mother the succubus. In his naiveté he passed her a gift through the binding circle, breaking it’s power and freeing the demon. Bourn intervened and saved Kio before Brachina could finish him. Now Kio must perform a task, as Bourn does nothing for free.


What a celebration. The alcohol consumed and the mess that followed proved somewhat disastrous for Kio and Nimreth. Their hangover lasted for 3 days, during which time a chambermaid was paid an awful lot of money to keep their rooms in a livable condition. In the mean time Sorien has been learning the basics of combat from Ligeia and Pleistosen. Who she’ll end up favoring is anyone’s guess.


Our honored heroes are preparing for a celebration in their honor! One does this by getting to know his “inner ghost”, another by “borrowing” a book on binding, and some just have lunch. Following the celebration, their unit has been suspended from active service for the time being.


The fearless friends are victorious!
The half giants that were held captive in Alarant Volcano have been freed and are now refugees in Fort Crimson. The Slave Warden was bested in glorious combat but managed to fell fair Kio in the process. Upon arriving at Fort Crimson our friends found what appears to be the remains of an ogre force that recently attacked.


Nimreth and Pleistosen left the safety of Ogre Lenny’s Birthday Room, deciding to retrieve a key to the iron portcullis in the second level. While they were doing so they scouted ahead and managed to get themselves captured by The Slave Warden and his cohorts, earning them an all expenses paid stay in the slave warren with some refreshing manual labor to keep them fit and trim. Nimreth wasted precious little time once in the warren, tossing a fireball in to one of the guard stations and causing a bit of an “issue” when said fireball destroyed the violet stone that was nearby, releasing another ghost for the ogres to deal with. To make matters for the ogres worse, the violet stones appear to be what is suppressing the half giants nascent psionic talents.


Our spelunking comrades in arms have delved deeper in to Alarant Volcano, killing more ogres and coming across several large violet stones affixed to the walls in various portions of the complex. Breaking one, they discovered that only death and madness are contained therein as a half-giant ghost wreaked havoc on the party. Arising victorious over the fallen half-giant, our comrades quickly fell to bickering as the blame for releasing said ghost was placed fully on Nimreths shoulders. Twenty ogres have fallen to them so far, will the party keep working together to accomplish their assignment or will the ogres find a divided party easy to conquer?


The fearless fighting companions faced a fiercer force, resulting in heavy losses on both sides. Kio and Enimbel both fell in glorious combat, with Pleistosen on the verge of death as well. Ogre casualties are now at 16. Sorien explained what the Yuan-Ti of The Ashwaste are forced to do as slaves, fashioning the devices that control the half-giants. Bourn and Io interceded on their followers behalf, breathing life anew in to our fallen comrades.


The brave heroes have braved many an ogre, only to find they need to slay many more to fulfill their goal. So far 9 ogres have met their end, with 2 half-giant casualties to mourn for later. The half-giants appear to be being controlled by some unknown entity, and this control seems to stem from some kind of steel belt apparatus that they are made to wear.


After scouting the entrance our brave companions came up with a plan to neutralize the guards before they could raise an alarm. As luck would have it, the plan was executed flawlessly and the ogres were all slain before they could summon reinforcements. They have managed to gain entrance to Alarant Volcano without the ogres knowing (dead ogres don’t count), now to carve a path through the rest of the ogres while searching for the half-giants.


As it turns out trudging through The Ashwaste during a torrential downpour for days on end isn’t what our testy teammates had in mind. A druid of the waste named Content Not Found: enimbel and her dire bat companion Sweetums have joined in on the fun, roasting the ogres with her command of natures fury. Our friends are finally at the base of Alarant Volcano, the first of several ogre infested strategic targets assigned by the commander of Fort Crimson. Now all they have to do is walk up the trail, gain entrance to the ogre stronghold, kill all of the ogres, free all of the half-giants, and escape with their lives intact.


It was off to The Ashwaste that our excited explorers chose to go, to brave the fury of the Ashwalker lizardfolk tribe, to bring the ogres of The Ashwaste to justice for their crimes against the peaceful half-giants. After a bit of a relaxation and a teleportation spell they found themselves in the middle of Fort Crimson in the midst of a nasty conjured storm. Wasting little time they set out immediately to find the ogres and to ascertain their grand scheme.


Arriving safely in The Grand Citadel our heroes are debriefed by none other than Lord Myrenthui and Lady Victoria themselves. Jailen paid off his resurrection debt by giving over all but one pound of his Shadow Nexus Sand, news of Crinoa has been delivered, and our heroes are reunited with an old friend. Now they face a choice. Should they brave the perils of The Ashwaste, attempting to free the half-giants? Perhaps they should go to Tyranthius and smooth over diplomatic relations that were damaged by the atropal-scion attack? Maybe a trip to the Scaled Isles in at attempt to locate Nimreths missing sister? Decisions decisions.


The Return of the Blackwraps. Our crazy companions have made a new friend in Kio, and plan to let Kio tag along for as long as he is useful. Shortly after joining them Kio managed to prove his worth by seriously injuring one of the Blackwrap squad members. Unfortunately, Jailen suffered fatal injuries multiple times and required being resurrected by High Priest Victor Asmodai, incurring a massive debt in the process. A rescue was performed by the Farris dragon rider strike team and included the Lady Victoria herself, as well as Lord Myrenthui in disguise. Our companions better have some very important info or they may find themselves on the wrong side of Lady Victoria and her golden scythe. Jailen, after being resurrected, did manage to destroy the Plaguestone from Crinoa before they left for Farris.


CAUTION! SUMNERS TOWER IS FILLED WITH TRAP! After narrowly escaping certain doom in the trap hall and facing Sumners withered corpse our fearless friends managed to traverse The Sky Bridge, gaining access to the Isle of Storms. There they found the Plaguestone they were seeking. After removing it from the altar they met the dessicated (and newly reanimated) skeletal remains of Othanops, the deceased Aspect of Light. Convincing him of their plight he used some of his remaining power and transported them rather abruptly to the Archadian Crater.


Our intrepid adventurers came up against a foe they couldn’t beat with swords or spells, so they used an experimental explosive instead. The results? One Magi enhanced stone golem blown to itty bitty pieces and strewn about the room. The guardian of the entrance to Sumners Tower is no more.


Stuck on Crinoa after escaping from The Shadow our heroes had just booked passage on a local privateers’ airship, soon to be headed to the Isle of Storms. Their mission? To remove the Plaguestone that has turned Crinoa in to a land full of the undead and devoid of all but the most miserable of plant life.

old adventure log 1

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