Llilian, Aspect of Chaos, The Redeemer

Llilian has been trying to destroy Galavan ever since he became an Aspect. Llilian lead several of the Aspects in the initial revolt against Zetil. He was also a key figure in the War of the Magi, where he was indirectly responsible for the deaths of Pergamontis, Van’jeer and Othanops in the Battle for Queensridge. He has been slain many times, reincarnating his physical form 100 years after he dies without fail.

Most historians can agree that Llilian is to blame for many of the worlds calamities.

Known Life Cycles:

Year 49??-5014

Year 5114-????

  • No Records

Year 6???-6527

  • No Records

Year 6627-6636

Years 6736-6774

  • Deceived the Druids of Derth-Pendul in to opening a portal to the elemental plane of water which was corrupted.
  • Led the Elves of Derth-Pendul against the empire, and was slain in the ensuing race war.

Year 6874 – 6958

Followers of Llilian are encouraged to engage in wanton and rampant destruction whenever the chance presents itself. Brute force is the preferred method of destruction, and the scarier a person is and the louder his explosions the more favorably Llilian looks upon him; but the ultimate goal is the ensuing chaos that this destruction causes. After all, if there is no one left alive to witness the destruction than the effort was wasted. Followers of Llilian are frequently mistaken for followers of Ahz-Radamant due to the destruction that they tend to cause.


  • Followers of Llilian as a rule are unpredictable, and as such may not form any habits. Any class that requires habitual prayer/meditation may want to consider a different deity.
  • Followers of Llilian must be Chaotic in alignment.


  • All followers of Llilian’s weapons are treated as “Chaotic” for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.
  • All damage dealt to lawfully aligned creatures is increased by +2.
  • Due to their chaotic nature all followers of Llilian get a +2 bonus to their will save.
  • Clerics of Llilian may choose from the War, Trickery, and Chaos Domains, and his favored weapon is the scythe.


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