Io, Ex Wisdom of Reason, Dragon of the Starry Night

Io was the first Wisdom, and as such has a great deal of influence with the rest of the Pantheon. Io created the dragons to help safeguard the other races against the trepidations of outsiders and other extraplanar influences. Ultimately this is why the native people of Tyranthius despise the dragons.

Io made it’s home at Draking, and was the Overseer of the Council of Wyrms, the ruling body of The Scaled Isles. Io was slain by Avrellos in the year 6958.

Io values intelligent decision making and planning. Intelligence, cunning, and a flair for decisive action all have their place.


  • Having or developing a history of Impulsive Behavior
  • Evading facts (i.e. willful ignorance)
  • Lies


  • All followers of Io get a +2 Divine bonus on Sense Motive checks.
  • All followers of Io get a +2 Divine bonus to all attack rolls against Outsiders.
  • All Clerics of Io may choose from the Knowledge, Magic, and Reason domains, and the favored weapon of choice is the Light Mace.


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