Galavan Calendar

On Galavan the year is marked by the rising and setting of the moon. A full lunar cycle marks the passage of 1 year. They year is split in to 12 months, each month having thirty three days.

The months, with moon phase, holidays, and seasons:

  • Trell: The 1st of Trell is the first day of the year, the day that the moon is directly overhead. Trell marks the beginning of winter. Moon Fall.
  • Bim: The 23rd of Bim is a day of quiet reflection and solitude, a somber remembrance of the world that once was. Bim is the second month of Winter. Moon Fall.
  • Alm: The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th of Alm are dedicated to Caralax, celebrations are ritualistic and muted, mourning for the dead is widespread. Alm is the third month of Winter. Moon Fall.
  • Surn: The 1st of Surn is dedicated to the Festival of Law, held in Van’jeer’s name. The 33rd of Surn is the last day of winter and is the day of the Winters End Festival. Surn is the last month of winter. Moon Fall.
  • Felor: The 18th of Felor (known as the Zenith Festival) is a day of great celebration, marking the day that Atropos was banished from the sky in the year 6636. Felor is the first month of spring. Moon Fall.
  • Fura: The 3rd of Fura is Kurgenday which is celebrated mainly in Organith, the 12th is the day of the Spring Festival in Garant, and the elves of the Armantis Province have dedicated the 17th and the 18th to a celebration of nature. The 33rd of Fura is the only night that the moon is completely absent from the sky, and it is a very important festival for the followers of Sintos. Fura is the second month of spring. Moon Fall.


Galavan Calendar

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