Galavan was once a bountiful planet full of life and diversity. It was a young planet, covered in mountain ranges and wild forests, vast expanses of grasslands and rushing rivers, teeming with wildlife and magic. A group of people rose to power, calling themselves the Magi, and their leaders the Grand Exarchs ruled peacefully.

Then the War of the Magi came, and with it the rise of the Yuan-Ti and Ur Priests to power. Grand Exarchs Raina and The Inventor, the protectors of Galavan, vanished without a trace. Dark magics and dark energies were used freely by those with the ability to do so and the Magi were wiped from existence. A long age of torture and misery ensued, culminating in a new war between the two primary evil factions He-Who-Walks-The-Crooked-Path and the vampire lord and lady of The Grand Citadel, Vicar Myrenthui Dargonaught and Lady Victoria.

By the end of the conflict Galavan would be forever changed, with the continent Crinoa missing and the mainland decimated by the impact of the Arcadian Meteor. The Elves and Dwarves from Armantis were nearly wiped out, the Yuan-Ti and Lizardfolk reduced to their respective temples in The Swamplurk and the coast of what is now known as Organith, and the industrious hobgoblins of the north were reduced to a chaotic mob with the destruction of most of their civilization. Only The Grand Citadel was left wholly intact.

The denizens of The Grand Citadel set forth to forge a new world on the changed face of Galavan, and founded Organith, Arcadia, Garant, Pendulgarsh, Felhiem, The Scaled Isles, Tyranthius, Ando’Var, and Farris. Farris dedicated its resources to the preservation of what was left of the old Galavan and laid claim to vast tracks of land that would become known as the Provinces, the Armantis Province, Everwinter Province, and the Wild Province. Very little of the mainland was left to claim, with the massive Forsaken Swamp being all that was left.

The landscaped changed again when Atropos last appeared in the night sky. Ando’Var was overtaken by the undead plague brought about by Atropos and fell, to be repopulated and renamed Blackwater Isle. Pendulgarsh was decimated when Atropos was defeated and the area around Drellmoor-Ahn-Pendulgarsh is forever tainted with evil. With the main hub of Pendulgarsh civilization destroyed a civil war erupted and House Derth took control, renaming Pendulgarsh to Derth-Pendul.

Galavan Timeline:

Year 5486: The Arcadian Meteor impacts with Galavan, destroying most civilization on the planet.

Year 5844: Arcadia declares itself a free nation.

Year 6635: Atropos is summoned by the activation of the Ring of Sorrow in Arcadia.

Year 6636: Atropos finally reaches Galavan, only to be banished again by the actions taken at The Key Complex which resulted in the destruction of Pendulgarsh.


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