Farris, the cradle of modern civilization, is a vast country controlling the most land and power on all of known Galavan.

Current Rulers: Lord Myrenthui Dargonaught and Lady Victoria Dargonaught

Capital City: The Grand Citadel

Population: Confirmed? 530,000. Estimated? Over 2 million.

Crest: A Mercury Dragon striking with its claws over a dark gray shield background.

Military: Consists mainly of golems of various types led by clerics of Zetil. There is also a series of forts scattered throughout Galavan that house small strike forces, used to maintain safety within the province border regions and elsewhere. There is also an elite assault force of Elemental Knights riding Mercury Dragons.

Provinces of Farris:

Vassals of Farris:

Allies of Farris:

Enemies of Farris:


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