Crinoa, birthplace of Alarmon of Burcia and the Lady Victoria, ancestral home of the Windborn family and their followers.

Current Rulers: The Council of Three

Capital City: Valley

Population: Living? 0. Undead? Estimated at around 7,000.

Crest: A blue stylized Isle of Storms on a white background.

Military: There are local peacekeepers in every town but no standing army, Crinoa has been immune to attacks since it lost most of its planar anchors.


  • Valley
  • There are others as well

Places of Interest:

The History of Crinoa, A Timeline

Year -4800 : The Windborn family line begins with Jerras Winthrop, a Necromancer falsely accused of murder and sentenced to death. He managed to escape and swore revenge, changing his name to Jonus Windborn and taking up residence in the settlement of Kardak. There he married and lead a mostly peaceful life, punctuated with bloody acts of human sacrifice whenever he was sure he could get away with it.


Year 4331: Victoria is born to a poor farming family.

Year 4333: Alarmon of Burcia is born to the Burcian House of Nobles.

Year 4355: Victoria brings the Windborn family to justice for their crimes over the last 9000 years. The entire family line is executed.

Year 4356: Victoria and Zeus leave Crinoa via the Isle of Storms.

Year 4629: Othanops is slain by the Ur-Priests

Year 5762: The Archadian Meteor strikes Galavan, severing many of the planar anchors that the Magi created to bind Crinoa to Galavan. Crinoa begins to shift in and out of the Prime Material Plane at random, appearing in different locations each time.

Year 6960: The Isle of Storms is anchored firmly to Galavan after Othanops is raised from the dead, overpowering the last of the planar anchors binding Crinoa to Galavan. Crinoa disapears, possibly for the last time.


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