Bourn, Wisdom of Revenge, the Mad Mage of the Ashgate

Bourn was an aspiring wizard, apprenticed to High Mage Vier Blackshade as a teenager. She and Vier had become very close as she neared the end of her apprenticeship, deciding to marry. Her happiness was cut short when a band of adventurers blasted Vier off the side of a cliff, killing him in the process. Bourn swore to get revenge and proceeded to hunt down, torture, and kill all of the adventurers that were responsible for her dear husbands untimely death. She found that she excelled at the hunt and enjoyed torturing the guilty, devoting her talents to hunting down and exterminating everyone who unjustly wronged her in the past. She was granted the divine spark when she actually managed to complete that task, killing well over 2500 people in the process with no loss of innocent lives.

Bourn favors the strong willed and devious, as they make for the best long term planners. She insists that her followers “correct” the wrongs committed against them in the most brutal fashion available. Honesty while being devious is especially treasured. Bourn takes a rather active role in the lives of her followers, and knows where they all are at all times.


  • Followers of Bourn MUST take proactive steps to right wrongs committed against them.
  • Followers of Bourn are forbidden from lying to her or each other.
  • Followers of Bourn must not actively hide their “Mark”.
  • Followers of Bourn must not kill the innocent.


  • All followers of Bourn are “Marked” when they first meet her, always in the form of a burn scar over their left eye. This grants a +2 Divine bonus to intimidation checks.
  • All followers of Bourn get a +2 Divine bonus to their will saves.
  • Clerics of Bourn may choose from the Justice, Revenge, and Trickery Domains, and her favored weapon is the dagger.


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