Avrellos, Wisdom of Reason, formerly known as “The Sky Tyrant”

Avrellos started his career with The Copper Council as a member of the Copper Council Knights Errant, working under the direct order of “Relentless”. He was tasked with hunting down and destroying the deserter known as Lan (a task he never agreed with), but was defeated multiple times while trying to bring down his quarry.

This all changed when Avrellos was came to possess the weapon known as Elemental Fury. The weapon transformed Avrellos, making him insanely powerful and urging him to commit deicide. Avrellos abandoned his task, caring little for Lans fate, and immediately flew to The Scaled Isles to slay Io and to destroy The Council of Wyrms. Avrellos slew Io in a fury, destroying most of Draking in the process and scattering the remaining members of the council.

Almost as suddenly as his reign as “The Sky Tyrant” began it was ended when Ahz-Radamant destroyed Elemental Fury by shattering Blade of the War at the behest of Lan. This deed stripped all of Avrellos’s power, in his weakened state he was forced to accept the mantle of Wisdom or die at the hands of “Relentless”, his former mentor, leading to his present state.

Avrellos values intelligent decision making and planning. Intelligence, cunning, and a flair for dramatic action are all hallmarks of followers of Avrellos.


  • Long periods of inactivity
  • Evading facts (i.e. willful ignorance)
  • Unquestioning loyalty


  • All followers of Avrellos get a +2 Divine bonus on Will saves.
  • All followers of Avrellos get a +2 Divine bonus on all trained knowledge, craft, and profession checks.
  • All followers of Io get a +2 Divine bonus to all attack rolls against Outsiders.
  • All Clerics of Io may choose from the Knowledge, Magic, and Reason domains, and the favored weapon of choice is the Long Sword.


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