Arcadia, Tomb of He-Who-Walks-The-Crooked-Path, impact site of the Archadian Meteor.

Current Rulers: None

Capital City: The Needle of Light

Population: Estimated at 96,000 civilians.

Crest: The banner of The Crooked Path, a black triangle symbolizing a mountain with a white zigzag path leading down from the top.

Military: While there was a standing army most of the real work was done by the White Wrap and Black Wrap Assassination squads.



The History of Arcadia, A Timeline

Year 5840 : Expedition to the meteor crater has been sent from Farris. The crater has been named the Archadian Province and seems to be uninhabitable. Silas Mercury accompanies Zane on the expedition.

Year 5841 : Haven founded.

Year 5842 : Zane becomes corrupted by the evil influence of He-Who-Walks-The-Crooked-Path. A bash to the head and a bit of magic later Silas Mercury no longer remembers who or what he is. Escaping from the sewers of Haven all that he remembers is that Zane must be eliminated.

Year 5843 : The Needle of Light founded, literally hacked from the tip of the meteor itself.

Years 5844 through 6631 : Arcadia proclaims it’s freedom from the “tyranny” of Farris. Zane (now seemingly immortal) proclaimed Emperor. All other cities (Sila Proper, Freewind, Tempest Port, Krasis, to name a few…) are founded.

Year 6632 : Lady Victoria (now leader of Farris) leads an attack on Arcadia while riding her dragon Zeus. They are both captured by Zane. Lady Victoria is locked away in the Graveyard of Saints while Zeus is connected to an artifact with the intention of being its’ power source. The artifact, known as the Ring of Sorrow, will need the ritualistic sacrifice of thousands of magical creatures to activate it.

Year 6633 : The Empire declares that all Elves, Dwarves, Halflings, Gnomes, Orcs, Fey of any sort, magical creatures of any sort, and anything / anyone else that Emperor Zane dislikes are outlawed and/or sentenced to death. Halfbreeds lack the strength of blood needed to fuel the artifact and as a result are spared. The Whitewrap and Blackwrap assasination squads are formed to carry out the Emperors decree.

Year 6635 : All the creatures that meet the requirements within the Archadian crater are rounded up, including most of the different species of tree’s within the crater (the reason for this is unknown). The killing begins. Silas Mercury learns of the plot and attempts to assasinate Zane to stop it. He fails.

Year 6635 : The Ring of Sorrow is activated, locking the souls of the dead within it’s “bubble” of magic.

Year 6636 : The massive golem army of Farris arrives to deal with the traitor Zane once and for all. Unfortunately the Ring of Sorrow deactivates/kills all magical beings or magical items that come into contact with the outside of it’s “bubble”. Unable to gain entry Farris fails at retaking the Archadian crater.

Year 6636 : The dead start to rise from their graves. The Empire forms the three guilds to deal with the undead threat, the Solarri, the Sanabar, and the Septa. Guild sanctioned cities (referred to as “centers”) are founded, one for each guild. Although the slaying of any risen dead is approved, the use of funeral pyre’s or fire in any form larger than a cooking fire is strictly prohibited to all but sanctioned guild members for sanctioned reasons.

Year 6935 : A plague of intelligent undead erupt from the mines underneath Freewind. The entire town is sacked by the horde of ghouls, claiming the charred remains of the once thriving city as their base of power, naming it Deadwind. The survivors flee to the west, forming Freewind anew. After a petition to the Empire for help a new guild is formed to deal with this new threat directly. The Necrosian guild is formed, claiming Haven as it’s base of operations.

Year 6936 : After several failed attempts (and slain groups of adventurers) a new group is founded. The members are picked specifically for their mission by the Necrosian Guildmaster herself and report directly to her. The members consisted of Haba the Cleric, Kalissa the Ranger, Samantha the Barbarian, Obison the Fighter, and a wizard who’s name has been stricken from the historical record. later on they are joined by a Rogue/Paladin named Epidoten after the wizard comes up missing.

Year 6937 : The Ring of Sorrow explodes due to the actions taken by the group of Necrosian adventurers, releasing it’s potent magical energy into the meteoric channeling stone, in turn causing it to shatter in a massive burst of eldritch energy. The Needle of Light and the Trade Centers located in the center of Arcadia are totally and utterly destroyed by the imploding husk of the meteor and the ensuing gigantic waves. He-Who-Walks-The-Crooked-Path escapes. Zane is nowhere to be found (assumed dead). Zeus is missing (assumed dead). 95% of Arcadias’ population is missing (assumed dead), washed into the massive hole left by the meteor.

Year 6937 1/2: Haven declared the new Capital of Arcadia, and rejoins Farris as the Archadian Province, ending over 1000 years of war. The Archadian Province is declared off limits to outsiders, as it is the target of constant raids from The Shadow now that the Archadian Meteor is gone. The Deadwind Militia led by Urgaz manages to smuggle their remaining Hellfire Cannon through the Adamantine Gate and escape the Archadian Province, later to found Blackwater Isle on the ruins of old Ando’Var.


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