Ahz-Radamant, Aspect of Destruction, The Scaled Fang

Ahz-Radamant is a huge and monstrous red and gold scaled serpent who was tasked with destroying the unnecessary components of creation. He is thought to be the progenitor of the Yuan-ti, and is the god that the majority of them worship. Ahz-Radamant was responsible for the disaster that destroyed The Titans and is also known for his somewhat sadistic and nearly always explosive sense of humor.

Ironically Ahz-Radamant was not reduced to an Aspect like most of the fallen Wisdoms, but stepped down willingly when his purpose was eliminated at the end of the War of the Magi when Zetil obliterated most of civilization with the Arcadian Meteor despite Ahz-Radamants attempts to stop him. Ahz-Radamant was infuriated that Zetil would encroach on his given duties in such a fashion, choosing to step down as an act of defiance. To the shock and horror of most of the pantheon Ahz-Radamant recorded what he knew of Zetil’s divine plan in a large tome known as the Book of Destruction, entrusting it to Chanwyen (the Wisdom of Hope) for safekeeping.

For his rebellion Zetil banished Ahz-Radamant beneath the earth, sealing him there with sigils capable of channeling Arcane Resonance to keep his divine power in check. The Yuan-Ti of House Strasthovas and House Asther have been sacrificing innocents in an attempt to weaken the sigils, unknowingly feeding that energy to Llilian the Redeemer instead. Llilian used that energy to strengthen the sigils, weakening the Yuan-ti as a race even further in preparation for the eventual enslavement of House Asther which he completed in the year 6903. To further complicate matters Llilian had even gone so far as to move the sigils into The Shadow where no one could tamper with them accidentally.

Ahz-Radamant was recently freed from his earthly prison beneath the shadow version of Tepid Flats. In return for Llilian’s continued “affections” and at the request of a petitioner Ahz-Radamant utterly destroyed Enders Keep, killing Llilian’s frail physical form and the vast majority of his ogre army.

Ahz-Radamant acts completely different in Yuan-ti mythology, acting as a vast and ancient force of untold destruction and chaos, one who was imprisoned beneath the world to keep him from completely destroying the Aspects and Wisdoms. Ahz-Radamant cares nothing for his followers (of any type) and finds the Yuan-ti legends of himself fascinating and utterly amusing. Scholars think that the Ahz-Radamant that the Yuan-ti follow may not be one god, but may instead be an amalgamation of Llilian and Ahz-Radamant, this speculation (and the truth it may indeed hold) is one of the few things that Ahz-Radamant does not find funny.

Followers of Ahz-Radamant are typically Yuan-ti, but for those that aren’t they dress in flamboyant and expensive red clothes with typically gold trim. Warmages and Evokers tend to favor Ahz-Radamant and his somewhat jovial outlook towards destruction. Non Yuan-ti followers make great companions (provided you agree that some things just shouldn’t exist) and tend towards the dramatic and at times terrifying, many a jester is a secret follower of Ahz-Radamant.


  • Non Yuan-ti followers of Ahz-Radamant are exceedingly bad at keeping their tempers, suffering a -2 divine penalty to skill checks when under stress.
  • Non Yuan-ti followers of Ahz-Radamant who have the “Rage” ability must succeed on a will save (dc 10 + ECL) whenever they are provoked (DM discretion) to avoid activating their ability subconsciously and going berserk.


  • Followers of Ahz-Radamant are immune to fear effects.
  • All non Yuan-ti followers of Ahz-Radamant can rage as if they were a 1st level barbarian, if they already have the Rage ability as a class feature then their rages last for an additional number of rounds equal to their Charisma bonus and can Rage an additional number of times per day equal to their Charisma bonus.
  • Clerics of Ahz-Radamant may choose from the Fire, Destruction, and Purification (pg 141 of CD) Domains, and their favored weapon is the Great Axe.


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