Ahz-Malanar, Old Lord Time, Wisdom of Entropy

Old Lord Time is a Wisdom that is well known and celebrated. He is considered by most to be thoughtful and patient, and his followers are very well mannered. They refrain from making hasty decisions, always acutely aware that rushing in to anything is apt to cause more problems than it solves. Ahz-Malanar did not contribute to the Aspects being outcast when they turned from Zetil, caring little about the repercussions of their betrayal as his domain (time) wasn’t affected.

Ahz-Malanar controls the realm of time and the manipulation of fate along with Sintos. Ahz-Malanar and Sintos travel together, which is the main reason why they were able to escape the Ur Priests wrath during the War of the Magi.

Generally they may both be found in the The Scaled Heights, bastion of the Unbound Empire.

Followers of Ahz-Malanar tend to be laid back and easygoing, never the type to dive in to a situation without planning for it. Others view them as a bit on the lazy side, but the followers of Ahz-Malanar are some of the strongest fighters, stealthiest rogues, and most excellent spellcasters.


  • Followers of Ahz-Malanar get a -2 to Reflex Saves due to their slow response speeds.


  • Once per day a follower of Ahz-Malanar may take 20 on a skill check even when conditions would not normally allow them to do so.
  • Clerics of Ahz-Malanar may choose from the Time and Luck Domains, and his favored weapon is the Dagger.


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