The Book of Destruction

Imperial Scrolls of Honor - Adventure Log
Rest then for awhile. Please push RESET, hold it in, then turn off the POWER. If you turn the power off first the Imperial Scroll of Honor containing your deeds may be lost.

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The fight continued with Skurilon the Devourer with the part split between two holes in the ice mountain that Skurilon had created. Lan, Pleistosen, and Jasmine were in one hole fighting Skurilon. Geo Linguard, Ligeia Lasteroff, and Vir-Jil were in another fighting water elements which did not survive very long. After the water elements were dead Geo hit the ice and created a scar going up into the ice with about 12 water elements as well. In the meantime Skurilon had frozen Scales into the mountain and focused his energy on eating Jasmine and Lan. Jasmine was eaten but Skurilon quickly went into the ice and slammed her into the ice. After eating Lan, Lan started to empty out his bag of holding which contained a ton of food. The water elements formed together and created a huge water elemental which focused its attack on Geo. While Ligeia and Vir-Jil helped keep Geo alive and attacking from a distance, Vir-gil tried to contact Pergamontis which was intercepted by (GM Insert the god here) and was told to drop the weapons and let the water elemental and Skurilon live. Geo, Liegeia and Vir-Jil put down their weapons when Skurilon flew into the cavern with Lan in his stomach making it very upset. Finally throwing up the mount of food/weapons/arrows and Lan, Lan request that Skurilon go get his “friends” which only Scales could be retreived as Jasmine was with Aimes after nearly dying because of Skurilon. After Skurilon left to retreive Scales Lan let loose a volly of arrows at the water elemental and Geo continued his attack as well. Together they killed the water elemental and left behind was a blue woman who appeared to be dead.

Previous Sessions


After tending to Pleistosen’s wounds the party rested for the night. During the night and early morning Lan thought he saw something in the snow storm. After focusing on it for a while he found out he was right as the party was attacked from a burrowing enemy (insert name please DM). After Geo was eaten and managed to slice himself out of the beast the party took down all of the beasts. Afterward they packed up camp and continued on the way to meet Skurilon the Devourer. He was waiting for them on top of his mountain which was made out of ice. A plan which Surilon apparently had been working on for a while.


Ligeia Lasteroff and the crew ventured to Ligeia’s new land to start the development, of this soon to be accepting of any race city. Afterward, the group returned to Farris and set right off to hunt down Skurilon the Devourer. After only a day of journey Lan with his insane vision saw Skurilon in a snow storm coming straight for the group. Skurilon made no attempt at hurting anyone else besides Pleistosen who received the beating of his life before Skurilon continued on his way leaving the party to tend to Scales’ wounds.


Ligeia Lasteroff after receiving her land got all of her followers together, visited her father Renaldo Lasteroff. Pleistosen and Jasmine suited their pets with armor. Geo Linguard talked with the Myrenthui Dargonaught and Victoria Dargonaught about possibly becoming a elemental knight after the party receives their next mission. In other news, Lan met a dragon and had some fun with her. Jailen in the meantime ran in the corner afk.


Finally, after months of being in Garant, the party gets to talk to all of the lords of Garant. After receiving the vote from all of the lords, it was decided that Garant will make an alliance with Farris. The old man from Organith, who replaced Kilzore, then handed the alliance agreement of Garant and Organith to Jailen. Jailen read the agreement than handed it to the king who burnt it of a lit candle next to him. After the old man left, a few seconds later a gaurd ran in saying that 1/3rd of Garant was now covered in the Land of Death. Jailen than realized that the old man was Talius and reported everything back to Farris. Almost as soon as the sending spell was complete a portal between Farris and Garant was opened with hundreds of War-Forged coming through as well as Lady Victoria.

The party returned to Farris after months of being away; finally, being able to receive their land that was promised to them a long time ago. Content Not Found: jasmine, Vir-Jil, and Nemrith’s land all went to help Ligeia Lasteroff start her city, Geo Linguard also promised him land to Ligeia once he become a knight and receives the land as well.


Jailen, after getting his hand fixed, helped to clear up the lady’s of the city’s sickness. Even though she had welts on her still she seemed to be doing much better. Jailen talked to the mages and clerics to see if they had any idea where the undead dire rat or the sphere of annihilation had came from. However they did not know and had no leads. Jailen then retired for the night with the rest of the party. The next day as the party was eating Jailen talked to the mages and clerics again who still had no leads. With the meeting with the lords of the lands at noon Jailen prepared a heros feast for his party, Geo, and the King and Queen. After the feast, everyone headed to the meeting only to find Kilzore had been killed.


The party arrives in the capital city of Garant only to find the gates closed. After talking to the guards at the main gate they are let into the city and told not to bribe any of the captains at future gates. After Lan and Ligeia Lasteroff talked to a few citizens they found the best place to stay the night before reporting to the castle in the morning. After talking to the citizens, the party went to find the inn but found another gate blocking their way. They talked to the guard and bribed him to let them into the trade district. After going through the gate they were told to go directly to the castle. At the castle there were a few people waiting for the party. One of which requested Nimreth to come with them to remove the collar that was around Nimreth’s neck. Upon approaching, Nimreth realized this was not someone that would help him after all. The other guard led the party into the castle followed closely by Nimreth and the Yuan-Ti. Soon after entering the castle the Yuan-ti stopped Nimreth and the party and demanded Nimreth tell Ligeia and Vir-Jil what had happened back in Organith. Nimreth did as told and then was killed by the Yuan-Ti.

After Nimreth’s death the party went to bed and woke the next morning to bury Nimreth and go to a meeting with the King of the city and Garant. When arriving at the meeting they found they were not the only ones in this meeting. Kilzore and Geo were also meeting with the king, each under their own banner. After much debate, it was learned that the king could not make this decision and would require another meeting with all of the lords of Garant to make any type of alliance or trade agreement. The meeting was then dismissed but Jailen asked the king if there was anything he could do to prove his allegiance to which the king asked him to look at his wife the lady of the city. While looking over the lady of the city Jailen found not only an undead dire rat but a small sphere of annihilation which took half of his hand. The king ensured Jailen that they will replace his hand and sent him to his clerics to fix his hand.


Nimreth goes on an adventure! Attempting to find a priest who can regenerate his arm for him Nimreth teleports all over Galavan, eventually finding someone who can do the job for him in the Necrosian Province. High Priest Asmodai regenerated his arm for him and sent him on his merry way, where a mishap with a teleportation spell brought him to the sandy beaches of Organith, where he was immediately arrested and sentenced to have his magic taken from him through the use of a magical collar. Pleistosen got lost in the woods! He is now taking shelter in a cave (with an owlbear) from a late winter storm. Lan has gone hunting! He has been tracking a large dire wolf for Ashe and has succeeded in getting it to follow him back to Tepid Flats.


Our friends left The Shadow, returning to Tepid Flats just in time to find a mob of townsfolk huddled around a small black book near the front of the Inn. Both Ligeia and Nimreth went to examine the book but Nimreth got to it first, picking up the book and opening it. Upon touching it the skin of his hand turned black, slowly spreading up his arm and desiccating his flesh as it went. Nimreth then tried casting a few spells, one of which hung in the air in a quite unexpected fashion as a swirling black ball of roiling fire. His magic corrupted, Nimreth feared what would happen if the desiccation spread to his torso so he requested that someone remove his arm before it could spread that far. Seizing this grand opportunity Pleistosen lopped his arm off just below the shoulder. Our friends found great difficulty in fighting the swirling black ball in the sky, turning to Ashe for advice. For a price Ashe agreed to help them by binding the ball to Nimreth himself.


Entered the shadow to find druid. Found druid, found the copy of Tepid Flats in the shadow. There were sigils there, erased sigils, released the Aspect of Destruction from his divine prison. Aspect of Destruction granted 1 favor to each party member. Nimreth used his to destroy Llilians mortal form. Vir-Jil and Ligeia both decline the favor, druid and Lan were both undecided, postponing their favors for later.


Party met with Ashe, party fought bladeling units and steel predator at the Inn.
(This is the session where we had the battle against the wolf looking moster when the portal opened.)


Ligeia met Ashe, party had archery contest, and party met Lord Atronach.


Nimreth helped Ligeia to partially recover. Party was given medals, town had a small celebration in their honor. Party purchased a covered wagon and headed south.


No Session.


Ligeia bought Detritus from Eleanor. Met with Keeper of Shrine after speaking with the council, who was found murdered the next morning. Met small boy (Zetil?) at the scene of the murder who knew about Eleanor’s weakness. Used that weakness against her, defeated her that night. Ligeia was paralyzed by Eleanor in the fight.


Leaving Birchpath our adventurers headed further south to the cozy little town known as Arbor. After a brief discussion with one of the guards it was decided that our friends would talk to the council to see if there was anything that needed doing. While waiting to be called to the council our friends explored Arbor a bit and found a few interesting shops, one of which was a magical item shop know as Eleanors Oddities. Inside they found an old woman named Eleanor who has a truly extensive collection of cats. Upon closer inspection the cats aren’t cats at all but a collection of powerful beasts and monsters that have been shrunken down to cat size and kept as a collection of harmless pets. A tiny red dragon, a tiny gold dragon, and a displacer beast all managed to get our adventurers attention, arranging to be purchased from Eleanor. Explaining their plight after leaving the store, it is determined that Eleanor isn’t a human woman at all but is something far more sinister.


After charging their way back out of the catacombs our heroes emerged in to the courtyard in the middle of Birchpath, staring down the cryptkeeper who sealed them underground to die. The stodgy old dwarf revealed himself to be Avrellos (the agent of the Copper Council Knights Errant who attacked them at The Monastery of the Falling Star) and commenced attacking them from the sky. In a fit of ill destined ingeniousness Pleistosen threw his new shape-shifting weapon at Avrellos, who caught it. Sensing the weapons power Avrellos used it to attack the party, eventually succumbing to the weapons influence and transforming (while crashing to the ground) into a Hellfire Wyrm. Nimreth guessed (correctly) that they were no match for the new and improved Avrellos and shielded the party from detection until Avrellos awakened fully and left, heading east.


Our friends met the challenge of morals as set forth by the Unnamed Brother, choosing to walk the path of neutrality. They completed that path, activating the tower and synchronizing the Planes of Shadow and Death again. They left with a stern warning from the Unnamed Brother, “Do not look for Raina’s Tower, as it will find you when the time is right”, and an interesting sword that can apparently change forms. With much haste they left the Plane of Death through the now functional portal.


After a brief debate it was decided to inquire within the Deathspeaker priesthood to find out what happened to Scales without actually going through the portal to check. The priests results were useless until our Druid companion called upon her deity Bourn for assistance. Bourn planted several scrolls (for an unnamed favor) in the priests library to help him decipher the scrolls he had found earlier. With those scrolls in hand he was able to decipher a bit of an ancient Magi prophecy pertaining directly to this event. Reassured by the prophecy our fearless friends ventured through the portal. They found themselves standing in the ruins of an old castle at the top of a bleak hill in a desolate wasteland. The skies were a dark grey, lit only by the mournful spirits coursing high in the air. They tried to leave again but found the portal unresponsive. Off in the distance a city of some sort could be spotted, and within minutes of leaving the portal ruins they found themselves at the city gate, staring two large skeletons cloaked in black robes guarding the entrance. They were let in wordlessly, and escorted to a castle in the center of the city. There they met with Charon, keeper of the city of the dead, who explained that to his knowledge there was no direct way out other than resurrection. He directed them to try asking the deceased Magi who live within the Magi Quarter of the city. After wandering the city for what seemed like hours our friends came across the Magi Quarter and spoke with Exarch Sumner himself, who directed them to seek out the Tower of the Unnamed Brother which was hidden in the plane of death to keep it safe. Unfortunately he had no clue where or how to find it, as the living are the only ones who can interact with it. Setting out to find the tower proved nearly effortless, as they ran in to it shortly after leaving the city. Looking back the city itself was just a speck of light off in the distance and the landscape was unfamiliar.


Our arduous adventurers plumbed the depths of the catacombs ever further, eventually disturbing the remains of an ancient undead monstrosity known as a “Boneyard”. This Boneyard in particular was guarding a pair of cages suspended from the ceiling containing a druid and her animal friend. After a long and perilous battle that nearly took the life of Nimreth the monster was put down and the druid and her pet were saved. She had been imprisoned there by the Deathspeakers from the surface, trapped in much the same fashion as our companions. Everyone ventured further down the path of the dead, eventually discovering a large open chamber lit by several pits of flame. At the end of the path at the back of the chamber stands a large keep made from black stone and guarded by the Deathspeakers, Deathwatch Keep, home of the dwarves of the Deathspeaker clan and one of the primary gateways to the plane of Death. Venturing forth our adventurers inquired about the Deathspeakers and the keep, and demanded to know why they were locked inside the catacombs. Speaking with their King it was determined that something has happened to the Deathspeakers stationed at the entrance to the catacombs. While they were debating what to do next Scales and Ralamar decided to charge forth in to the land of death, walking through the portal to the Plane of Death hand in hand.


Many an undead horror our friends have faced, far underground with no guide and no idea what awaits them around the next turn. They walk the path of the dead with only lost souls as their companions.


After thoroughly decimating the forces that were blockading the southern bridge out of River Pass our heroes took the long road south to Birchpath. There they met the Deathspeakers, a somber clan of dwarves who claim to guard a portal to the underworld. Our heroes were trapped by the head of the Deathspeakers while investigating the miles of catacombs under the city.


Our heroes took a breather as Nimreth learned the ways of Proteus. (There was no session this week.)

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