Nexus Sand

Light green tranlucent sand used to empower spells.


Nexus Sand

Nexus Sand is a very useful and rare component that has many potential uses to spell casters. When used as an additional spell component Nexus Sand adds +2 to the save dc of any spell. It may also be used in the manufacture of permanent magical items (once researched), where it may be used instead of XP to make a spell permanent at a ratio of 1 lb of Nexus Sand per 100 XP.


Nexus Sand was formed when the Arcadian Meteor hit Galavan. Due to the meteors unique magical nature it interacted with the planet in such a way that vast pockets of Channeling Stone were completely destroyed by Arcane Resonance, the resulting debris is known as Nexus Sand. Nexus Sand is prized by spellcasters of all sorts and is guarded fiercely by those whose home or lairs are near a deposit.

Cautious adventurers beware, Nexus Sand attracts the attention of all sorts of creatures. Some will go a great distance to make it theirs, especially abberations.

Nexus Sand

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