Renaldo Lasteroff


Renaldo the Wizard was the eldest of three children born to the human family of Lasteroff in Turnrow-Del-Korrvus. His father Stewart was a proud captain of the militia and ran his household in a similarly rigid fashion. Renaldo’s penchant to experiment and disregard instruction did not endear him to his father- Stewart greatly preferred his younger son Sven (who eventually became a paladin of Zetil). The youngest child was Alice, and she enjoyed helping Renaldo collect components for his imagined spells and liked him more than stuffy Sven.

Renaldo spent a significant amount of time with his uncle’s family. Stewart’s brother Alexander had married a half-elf, and their son Lucien was close in age to Renaldo. Both boys aspired to be wizards and left together as adults to attend the Aberade School of the Arcane Arts and Artifice in Sentil-Del-Korrvus. Lucien excelled while Renaldo quickly became annoyed with the rigidity of the academy. Any idiot with half a brain could cast a spell by following a formula, he thought, but it took an ingenious man to alter spells, improve them, or- better yet- create entirely new ones.

Renaldo’s stay at the academy was brief, and afterwards he studied while traveling the land. Lucien joined him on his trip to southern Organith, on which Renaldo pulled his elemental familiar “Snowball” from the Plane of Fire. Renaldo cast a series of spells on the fire elemental that resulted in Snowball developing sentience and his own personality. Renaldo fondly regards Snowball as his finest accomplishment and has kept the process of Snowball’s creation a secret. Before leaving Organith, Renaldo purchased a “dragon” egg from several lizardfolk traders. When a yuan-ti child hatched from it, Renaldo named her Ligeia and raised her as his daughter.

Renaldo’s need for a perminent study eventually brought him to settle at Fort Crimson. He aids in the defence of the fort and continues his quest of spell creation in a large, fireproof tower with his elemental assistant and pupil.

Renaldo Lasteroff

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