Lizardfolk Barbarian with something to prove...


Raised in a small farming village, Pleistosen (a lizardfolk) had high hopes of training to be a part of the local armed guard. Alas, when he was but a youth, a tribe of Yuanti ransacked his village and brutally beat and murdered the inhabitants. Watching in horror from nearby brush and paralized with fear, the young lizardfolk vowed from that day forward to bring about vengance onto the Yuanti.

Forced from his home, Pleistosen travled across the land; all the while fighting for survival and doing his best to train daily alone. As an adolesent, Pleistosen happened upon a band of <<insert name="true">> and though no easy task, he managed to defeat their prized warrior which led them to take in new victor and teach him all they knew…which ultimately wasn’t much more than some fighting skills and an example of how NOT to conduct oneself in the wild. As a “trophy” of sorts, he kept the teeth of the Yuanti he had slain on a strand around his neck as a reminder of what he was fighting for. After a time of hunting Yuanti with them Pleistosen eventually left them and went on his own once again, searching in vein for other members of his original tribe.

A few years had passed and after more Yuanti encounters and no Lizardfolk encounters, Pleistosen had become more driven and harden, his skills improved but his relations with others were increasingly non-existent. Eventually he came upon the city of Farris where he had heard that the willing could travel the world while becoming a skilled guardsman of this very large city…


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