Long ago the world of Galavan was plagued by two great evils, He-Who-Walks-The-Crooked-Path and Myrenthui Dargonaught. In ancient history it is taught that He-Who-Walks-The-Crooked-Path defeated Vicar Dargonaught and his vampire queen Victoria and banished them both to Galavan’s primary moon for a millenia while the world below them was devastated. In the year 5572 Myrenthui and Victoria finally became free thanks to some help from Zetil. They returned to Galavan to find the world a completely different and desolate place with only their home, The Grand Citadel, still left fully intact while the rest of civilization had fallen to decay and ruin.

It is now the year 6958 and the world stands on the brink of fiery destruction. Organith has been systematically destroying the people of the wilds, He-Who-Walks-The-Crooked-Path raids Galavan from The Shadow with alarming ferocity. Galavan and it’s people are in grave peril and only the actions of heroes can save them.

Check out the Wiki, start with Galavan. This game spans over 100 sessions (106 roughly) over a 2.5 year span of time.

Talus has been defeated, and what was left of the world fell into self destructive war. This campaign is closed (at least for now), I sincerely hope you folks have enjoyed the ride. The next chapter in history starts here: http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/rise-of-the-durnskald

The Book of Destruction

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